About Outdoors for All Recreation Programs:
Outdoors for All provides a variety of recreation activities for individuals with disabilities. These activities are designed to accommodate a broad range of individual skill levels; from individuals who want to try something new to athletes who aspire to compete. Take a look at the different recreation programs we offer and learn more about how to participate:


Adaptive Alpine Skiing

Experience the freedom and control of gliding down the slopes. Programs are designed to meet the interests of all ability levels, beginner to racer. Lessons are offered at The Summit at Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass January – March.

Stand-up Skiing: Standing skiers may use two (standard skis, boots, and poles), three, or four-track skiing techniques. These techniques often use outriggers for balance and are named after the number of tracks left in the snow. These skiing methods can accommodate participants who have balance difficulties, amputations, hearing and visual impairments, and developmental disabilities.

Sit / Bi / Mono Skiing: Individuals who use wheelchairs, including those with paraplegia and quadriplegia, bilateral lower extremity amputations, significant balance issues, or developmental disabilities, ski using these adaptive equipment. All offer exciting opportunities for beginning and expert skiers.

Equipment Rental: At Outdoors for All we strive to get participants to a level where they can be enjoying recreation independently or with friends and family. Adaptive recreation gear can be expensive so we offer an affordable way to enjoy the outdoors without breaking the bank. Rentals are by appointment only. CONTACT US to schedule your rental this winter.

SKIHAWKS: The SKIHAWKS Racing Team inspires and involves people with developmental challenges in winter sports training and competitions to enhance their lives, build self-esteem, confidence and independence.


Adaptive Snowboarding

Come feel the smooth sensation of gliding down the face of a mountain while riding a snowboard. Find out why this sport’s popularity has skyrocketed. Snowboarding is a great option for people who are more ambulatory including those with developmental or visual disabilities, or head injuries. Lessons are offered at The Summit at Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass January – March.

SKIHAWKS: The SKIHAWKS Racing Team inspires and involves people with developmental challenges in winter sports training and competitions to enhance their lives, build self-esteem, confidence and independence.


Nordic Skiing

Lessons are offered at The Summit at Snoqualmie January – February.

Nordic / Cross Country Skiing: Smooth aerobic movements and mountain fresh air will fill you with a sense of freedom and exhilaration. Beginner to expert classic track, skate ski, and sit-ski participants glide on groomed trails at The Summit Nordic Center.

Classic Track and Skate XC Skiing: Classic Track skiers may use standard skis, boots, and poles, or benefit from adaptive equipment such as a four-track walker (named after the number of tracks left in the snow). Adaptive skiing equipment can accommodate participants who have balance difficulties, developmental disabilities, hearing, and visual impairments. Skate Skiing uses a side-to-side motion, like a gliding duck on groomed snow tracks. Participants who would like to apply advanced classic track skills to another skiing method, should try this technique.

Sit Skiing: Individuals who use wheelchairs, including those with paraplegia, balance difficulties, or bilateral lower extremity amputations can experience cross country skiing using a sit-ski. Enjoy the beautiful winter landscapes while cross county sit skiing. This is an excellent cross training sport for building upper body strength and endurance.

Backcountry Ski Touring: Participants looking for a little more adventure can ski on a different trail each week using the SnoPark ski trail system in the Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest.

Equipment Rental: At Outdoors for All we strive to get participants to a level where they can be enjoying recreation independently or with friends and family. Adaptive recreation gear can be expensive, so we offer an affordable way to enjoy the outdoors without breaking the bank. Rentals are by appointment only. CONTACT US to schedule your rental this winter.

SKIHAWKS: The SKIHAWKS Racing Team inspires and involves people with developmental challenges in winter sports training and competitions to enhance their lives, build self-esteem, confidence and independence.



Explore the snowy trails and fresh air of the Snoqualmie Mountain Range while snowshoeing. Improve your physical fitness, balance, and spatial awareness while taking in the peaceful scenery. Lessons are offered at The Summit at Snoqualmie January – February.


Adaptive Cycling: Ride one of our bikes, adaptive cycles or tandems and enjoy the benefits of cycling. Outdoors for All has over 200 adaptive cycles in its fleet. Adaptive aspects include:

  • Handcycles for individuals with limited or no leg movement.
  • Three- and four-wheel cycles for those who need more stability.
  • Children’s hand and foot powered cycles.
  • Tandem cycles for individuals who want a guide while riding.
  • Standard cycles

Adaptive Cycle Rentals: Outdoors for All offers daily adaptive bike rentals free of charge at our Adaptive Cycle Center in Magnuson Park from May 1st-September 30th, thanks to sponsorship from the Seattle Department of Transportation. Other times of the year, there is a fee for hourly or daily bike rentals.

With one of the largest adaptive bike fleets in the country, anyone can find a bike that works for them! From May 1st-September 30th, the rental shop is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. No bikes will be rented after 5 pm to ensure all rentals are returned by 6 pm. From October 1st-April 30th, all bike rentals are by appointment only. Bikes can only be transported out of Magnuson Park in vehicles large enough to support the adaptive cycle without causing damage or wear to the bike. One standard bike will be provided free of charge to a caregiver or parent if requested. See our FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions and more.

Parent or legal guardian must be present for those under the age of 18 and a health screening is required for the full party. A facial covering must be worn during your visit and when 6’ physical distancing cannot be maintained*. Please referrer to our Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC) to self-assess if this program is suitable for you or your interested renter.

All bikes are first come, first serve. It is strongly recommended that you Email or Call our rental shop at least 24 hours in advance. Please note: We are not able to guarantee that the cycle you request will be available, however, we will be able to provide a cycle of a similar nature. We will not be able to leave our shop to retrieve a cycle that is in another location and has not been requested 24hrs in advance.

May 1 – September 30, 2021; Excluding Holidays. Drop-in Wednesday through Sunday, 10am-6pm, with 24hr notice preferred.

October 1 – April 30; by appointment only, Tuesday-Friday; 10am-4pm, with 24hr notice preferred. 

Location: The Brig at Magnuson Park, Seattle, WA


*Related to COVID-19, participants and guest within our program are required to wear a mask while at our facility and while getting fitted for a bike. While we do our best to promote 6′ physical distance and have modified several our practices to help maintain distance; however, there is a degree of closer contact needed to ensure safety during the activity. Our staff will explain our fitting process and ask for permission to enter your personal space. If you are not comfortable with us entering your space, we will do our best to provide safe and reasonable alternative accommodations.

Bike Fittings and Assessment: Due to restrictions around COVID-19 and limited staffing resources, Outdoors for All is suspending bike fittings and assessments at this time. In-person fitting, and assessment opportunities will start back up in the summer of 2022.

Bike fittings are typically 15-30 minutes long and is an equipment specific session. You will work one-on-one with an Adaptive Recreation Instructor who will assess your individual abilities and help you determine which adaptive cycle will be most appropriate. Once the right equipment is determined, the specialist will work with you to adapt equipment to meet your individual needs utilizing adaptive grips, pads, and straps. A brief introductory lesson on equipment use and recreation technique will follow the fitting. Assessments dig a little deeper into personal goals with more than one activity. Usually conducted one-on-one with a Certified Recreational Therapist and last 1- 1.5hrs.

Private Lessons: First-time riders or cyclist looking to advance your skills and knowledge in cycling? Join us for a one-hour adaptive recreation lesson with an Adaptive Recreation Instructor. Cost per 1hr session is $100 and includes equipment rental. Dates and times are subject to availability. Please contact Rentals@outdoorsforall.org to schedule a private lesson. *If hands-on support is necessary, a parent or caregiver must be present.

Learn to Ride a Bike: This program will return for the summer of 2022! If you are interested in a bike lesson, please consider requesting a private lesson.


Outdoors for All Youth & Adult Camps provide an active camp environment for children and adults with and without disabilities. Camps are for ages 7 and up. Our staff strive to build each camper’s social development, self-confidence as well as fine and gross motor skills by accommodating the needs of each camper. Camps are designed to provide a welcoming, fun and nurturing environment; activities are structured as “challenge by choice”, allowing for a wide variety of abilities, fitness and fun!


We are pleased to announce that Outdoors for All will be offering camps for summer 2021! Registration for camps will open on March 24th at noon. Camps will be divided into a two-hour morning session from 10 am – 12 pm and a two-hour afternoon session from 1 pm-3 pm. Each day will have a different activity such as cycling, hiking, rocking climbing, and kayaking. Please visit our website for more information about our Summer 2021 guidelines for participation. Outdoors for All is not accepting DSHS/DDA respite funds for summer camps this year; however, we have financial aid opportunities for Summer 2021 activities. The Financial Aid application will open on March 17th! We are grateful for the opportunity to offer camps this summer. We thank you for all of your patience and understanding as we navigate this uncertain time.

Click HERE to complete the 2021 Camp Registration Survey to register for camps. 

Review our Summer 2021 Camp Guide for more details about camps.

For information on eligibility, please review our Summer 2021 Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC).


The health and safety of all individuals engaged in Outdoors for All activities is our highest priority. Following the Washington State Department of Health Guidelines and Healthy Washington – Roadmap to Recovery program, Outdoors for All is asking all participants, staff, family members, and caregivers to follow the below Essential Eligibility Criteria while our community continues to face impacts from the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC): All individuals participating in Outdoors for All’s in-person programming must acknowledge and be capable of performing the following functions in order to protect themselves and others from risks of spreading the COVID-19. If an individual cannot perform or is unwilling to follow the following EEC, Outdoors for All reserves the right to ask the individual to leave the program area and dismiss the individual from future participation in Outdoors for All programs.

All participants, volunteers, staff, family members, caregivers, etc. must:

  • Be 7 years old or older
  • Be able to maintain 6ft physical distance
  • Be able to wear a facial mask during program engagement (per the WA State Dept. of Health guidelines and CDC)
  • Be COVID-19 symptom free within the 10 days prior to participating in an Outdoors for All activity; complete daily health survey before entering Outdoors for All facility or program area (i.e. symptom chart, temperature, etc.)
  • Confirm no contact with individual displaying COVID-19 symptoms within the last 10 days
  • Be capable of meeting outside for programs (limited use of indoor facilities)
  • Be able to tolerate 2+ hours in an outdoor environment with summer conditions (limited use of indoor facilities for rest breaks; no lingering indoors)
  • Be capable of transferring into/out of equipment independently or with the support of a party member
  • Be capable of donning/doffing equipment independently or with the support of a party member (ex. Climbing harness, helmet, etc.)


KAYAKING: Relax and unwind after a long day as you get out and hit the waters of Lake Washington! Participants will be paired 1:1 with Outdoors for All volunteers in tandem kayaks as they learn the basic skills of flat water kayaking and get a chance to explore the waters and shores of Lake Washington. If you have never tried kayaking before we hope that you get signed up for this summer activity. It is a great way to fall in love with a new recreation activity. This activity is geared to all levels of individuals including those who are regular kayakers. We have specialized life jackets available that are designed to keep your head out of the water and keep you upright. An ability to swim independently is not required for this activity. We can provide a great kayak experience for any and all individuals with disability and help you enjoy the serene waters of Lake Washington!

NEW Kayak Rental Program: Click HERE to view our Kayak Rental Brochure and HERE to view the Kayak Rental Info Sheet. 



The Pacific Northwest offers some of the most beautiful and diverse hiking in the country. We offer hikes of varying difficulties, many of them having options for beginning, intermediate and advanced hikers. We particularly look for hikes that are wheelchair accessible. Relatively wide trails with a good ground surface allow all hikers to enjoy Washington’s forests, alpine meadows, and beaches.

Our new adaptive equipment, a TrailRider, allows individuals of all abilities to get out and explore the wonderful wilderness trails we are surrounded by. This “modified wheelchair” has the ability to go on hiking trails through the wilderness with the aid of volunteers, family or caregivers. Contact our STAFF to find out more.


Rock Climbing

Learn the basics of rock climbing through our rock climbing series. Whether you want to simply “boulder” close to the ground or scramble up to the top for stunning views, Outdoors for All has a climb for you. We select both indoor and outdoor sites. We use trained professionals and standard safety gear to make this a safe and fun experience you’ll never forget. Outdoors for All also has an adaptive ascension climbing system. Contact our STAFF to find out more.


Military Programs Website Update:

For more than 20 years, Outdoors for All has been enriching the lives of veterans through outdoor recreation. In partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Disabled Sports USA, King County, Harnish Foundation, Boeing, Washington State military bases, and Seattle area partners, Outdoors for All provides year-round adaptive recreation for veterans with disabilities, injured active-duty military, transitioning military and their families. Our programs include alpine skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, road cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, and more. If you have questions, would like to join a specific program, or be placed on our mailing list, please contact Alecia McConnell via email AleciaM@outdoorsforall.org

Cycle Team: The Outdoors for All cycle team is for veteran, transitioning, and active-duty service members located in the PNW. Whether you are a first-time rider or just looking to get out and ride in a small and safe social circle, we have opportunities for you! Rides will take place in and around the Seattle area from the months of April to September.  Outdoors for All has a fleet of standard road bikes and multiple recumbent options available for rent. Interested riders can contact Alecia McConnell at AleciaM@outdoorsforall.org.


Custom Events

Each year through our Custom Events program, Outdoors for All partners with a variety of community organizations, parks & recreation departments, hospitals, and schools. Outdoors for All brings the fun of outdoor recreation directly to these groups, utilizing its expertise and existing adaptive recreation programs. An activity or set of activities is tailored to the partnering group’s specific needs. Custom Events may feature adaptive cycling, kayaking, snowshoeing, rock climbing or yoga.

Enhance your group picnic, camp, or other event with an Outdoors for All adaptive recreation Custom Event.

To schedule a Custom Event, please contact Kathryn Spisso at KathrynS@outdoorsforall.org.


Adaptive Yoga

Join our therapeutic yoga group in gentle stretching, strength building, relaxation and fun! Outdoors for All has partnered with Alison Solam to lead yoga in 4-week series via online class for people with intellectual disabilities. Yoga is offered year-round. Email info@outdoorsforall.org to inquire about dates and sign up to participate.


Weekend Excursions

A favorite of our summer programs, our weekend excursions allow participants to get out of the city to enjoy Larabee State Park outside of Bellingham. During this weekend getaway we plan activities such as kayaking, hiking, cycling, and more.

For the most current Activity Guides, Forms and information on Registration, click HERE. If you have any questions, please visit our CONTACT section to find a staff member or use our general contact below. We are happy to help!

e: info@outdoorsforall.org
t: 206.838.6030 x200