Come join our volunteer community this fall and share your love for the outdoors with our participants! Our Learn to Ride and Gravel Bike programs provide people with disabilities the opportunity to stay active, socialize, and learn new skills. Click on the dropdown menus below to learn more and to sign-up.



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About: Our gravel bike rides will be held at various starting locations along the Palouse-Cascade Trail. This program is geared towards those who can independently ride a bike on a gravel bike path. Adaptive three wheeled trikes and handcycles will be available, as well as standard two wheeled bikes for those who can independently ride one. Lessons will be led in a group setting, with one instructor providing coaching to all the members of the group. Volunteers will be responsible for helping to keep the group together and providing support to individual riders around bike ride safety and bike handling skills.

Dates: October 8, 15, 22


  • Driver (7:10 AM – 1:30 PM)
  • Gravel Bike Volunteer (8:30 AM – 12:00 PM, 8:15 AM start time on October 8th)

Locations: Various starting locations along the Palouse to Cascade Trail from North Bend are to Snoqualmie Pass


  • 18 years old
  • Basic comfort level with small bike issues like a chain falling off or noticing if a rider is in the wrong gear
  • Be able to independently or with minimal assistance set up and transfer into your bike. If you need reasonable accommodation please let us know upon registration.
  • Be able to provide assistance to participants through effective instruction on skill development and safety awareness during the bike ride
  • Be able to help troubleshoot and fix small bike issues while on the group ride
  • Be able to independently ride 10-15 miles on a gravel path at a pace of 10 miles per hour. Be comfortable with being out riding for 2-3hrs out a time.

Virtual Training: Completion of all required virtual trainings. Click here to enroll in the below trainings:

    • New Volunteer Orientation (complete only if you are a new volunteer)
    • Participant Protection Policies (this must be completed annually)
    • Disability Awareness (this must be completed once)

Rock Climbing


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About: We are offering an indoor rock climbing series in November at Edgeworks Seattle! Volunteers will belay participants and provide basic rock climbing instruction. Volunteers must be 18+ and be belay certified at Edgeworks. 

Dates: November 4, 18, and 25

Time: 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Locations: Edgeworks Seattle


  • 18+ years old
  • Must be belay certified at Edgeworks
  • Complete required virtual training

Virtual Training: Click here to enroll in the below required virtual trainings:

    • New Volunteer Orientation (complete only if you are a new volunteer)
    • Participant Protection Policies (this must be completed annually)
    • Disability Awareness (this must be completed once)





Outdoors for All does not tolerate abuse or neglect of any kind, between any association of staff, volunteers, participants, family members, or caregivers. In Washington State, abuse or neglect is defined as the physical, sexual, or emotional injury of child (or vulnerable adult) by any person under circumstances which cause harm to the individual’s health, welfare, or safety; or the negligent treatment or maltreatment of a child (or vulnerable adult) by a person responsible for or providing care to the child.

If there is suspected abuse or neglect, or a claim of abuse or neglect, taking place within an Outdoors for All program, or with a participant who is involved in an Outdoors for All program, Outdoors for All has a legal and ethical responsibility to report such suspensions or claims to the appropriate authorities and/or support investigations into such claims of abuse or neglect.

During an investigation, Outdoors for All may limit the participation of individuals involved in the claim. Outdoors for All does not have an obligation to share the details of an investigation with those involved in the claim, to protect privacy and prevent retaliation of those involved.

Staff and volunteers complete yearly training on abuse and neglect prevention and
reporting practices within Washington State.