We have officially wrapped up our summer programs and said goodbye to our campers until next summer.

This summer was so special and it was wonderful to see our participants grow more comfortable and confident as the summer went on. The days were filled with hours on the lake, time at the beach, and spent visiting some of Seattle’s most popular attractions such as the Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle Aquarium!

β€œIn my second summer as the Day Camp Program Manager, it has been incredible to see the growth of social connections and new friendships that have formed in the program so far. Witnessing kids and adults experience enriching activities like kayaking, rock climbing and biking for the first time is wonderful and so meaningful! The camaraderie, community and encouragement that exists at camp is unparalleled. These connections and the community formed has reached far beyond camp, with families setting up playdates and other experiences for their kids to stay connected outside of camp.”– McKenzie Click, Program Manager

We hope to see you all again next summer!