Outdoors for All offers first time experiences and sometimes offers a way for individuals to re-experience activities in a new way!

“Sam has a rare genetic disorder that causes his joints to stiffen over time. He was very active in his youth, playing many sports, hiking, and riding bikes but has since had a tougher time enjoying outdoor activities. He was visiting Seattle to watch a Mariners game and stopped by the Adaptive Cycling Center, it was his first time trying a bike in fifteen years. After some deliberation he decided that an upright hand cycle was the right choice and after a quick transfer was off. He rode around Magnuson Park with his eyes watering because “the wind was so fast in his face.” After the ride, Sam was very excited that there were bikes that “worked for my abilities” and “I can come ride them and it is so easy!” He looks forward to seeing what else Outdoors for All has to offer and wants to try rock climbing later in the summer.”

– Elliot Howard, Friend of Sam and Outdoors for All Staff Member