What’s better than simply awesome? How about: simply awesome multiplied by more awesome? THAT’S what Outdoors for All’s mission is at its best. And THAT’S what I got to witness on a recent Wednesday night this summer at Deception Crags just off I-90 at Exit 38 east of North Bend. OH. MY. GOSH!!! So, so, so, so, well, AWESOME!
Perhaps you’re someone who had a stroke? Or, you’re blind? Maybe you survived a head injury and have a lasting physical disability? You have autism or an intellectual disability? OK, those are all factors we recognize and we will do our best to accommodate. But, what’s WAY more important than those disabilities are the PEOPLE who are active in activities we offer like rock climbing: Awesome Participants. Awesome Volunteers. Awesome Family Members. Awesome Program Staff. Awesome all around!
I didn’t sleep much on that Wednesday night as I was on such a high! 3,000 cheers for the community that was glowing that evening on the rock and along the trail at Deception Crags!
Cheers to the many Participants who exercise their abilities with Outdoors for All. And, a hearty “Well done!” to Program Coordinator Emily Paulson, Interns Wade Walker and Logan Fletcher, and of course our many volunteers!