Summer is a perfect time for kids to get out and enjoy the weather. As you can see on, there are loads of activities like kayaking and hiking that can be enjoyed in the sun. We believe that all kids should be able to enjoy their summer vacation, having fun with their family and friends. As a result, these months can provide children of all ages, and their parents, with an unlimited amount of joy and excitement. For some families though, they do worry that their disabled children might miss out on these experiences due to accessibility issues. However, parents don’t have to worry about this. There are ways that children with disabilities can enjoy their summertime with their families. One of the best ways is to consider installing some plastic decking in the backyard of the home. This flat surface can allow children with wheelchairs to easily access the garden and join in on any outdoor family activities. However, if that’s not possible for all homeowners, there are some summer camps that look to make amazing memories for all children. Many people looking to get outdoors to do some fun activities this summer may want to consider going on a fishing trip – is a good place to gather all the latest tips and advice for getting started with this fun pastime.

One of the great things about Outdoors for All summer activities is the number of ways that kids with disabilities can get outdoors and play. This summer, children between the ages of 5 to 21-years-old will get out and exercise their abilities through cycling, kayaking, hiking, day camps, and more! During these summer months is when memories are made and friendships are forged…all because of the incredible support we receive from volunteers and donors alike. Here are just a couple of examples of the impact you’ve helped us make so far this season.

“Just a quick note to say thank you all for a lovely afternoon riding around Magnusson Park on the adaptive bikes. We came along today and had a wonderful time out in the sunshine doing something different. It is fantastic that Jessica s sisters ( Lucy and Isobel ) could ride along with her. We purchased the summer pass and we will be back soon to try out another mode of transport!” –Gerry Gordon, mother of Jessica, Lucy and Isobel.


Adaptive Cycling Center: Our Adaptive Cycling Center is now open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays all summer long. Kids and their families can rent an adaptive cycle for a few hours or purchase a season-long summer pass for $100 and then access cycles all summer from the newly improved and expanded Adaptive Cycling Center in Magnuson Park.

“This was fantastic! I never dreamed that she could learn to ride a regular two wheel bike, and yet after a few sessions with Kris she did! Thank you Outdoors for All!”Mother of an Outdoors for All Participant.

Private Lesson

Private Coaching: We help kids with special custom coaching sessions to learn a skill. Private coaching for learning to ride a bike at Magnuson Park is a particularly popular activity. Call our office to schedule a consultation and private coaching session or sessions: 206.838.6030

“One of the most gratifying moments for me this summer happened towards the end of the summer during one of our bike days. At the beginning of the summer, her mother informed us that she didn’t know how to ride a bike. With our adaptive cycles, however, she was cruising down the trails of Magnuson park with a big smile on her face. By the end of the day, she was radiating with pride and a sense of accomplishment for riding a bike independently for the first time in her life, at age 19. It’s moments like these that remind me what a great organization Outdoors for All is, and how lucky I feel to be included in it.” -Mary Allain, Past Day Camp Counselor

Day Camp CyclingDay Camps: Our summer day camps base from Magnuson Park in Seattle and Lake Sammamish State Park on the Eastside. Kids with disabilities and their siblings and friends get outside and each day explore the fun of different outdoor recreation activities. Hiking, urban camping, cycling, a day at the beach, scavenger hunts and rock climbing are examples of some of the activities that the kids get to explore.

Our summer day camps sold out back in May with now all camps having wait lists. We’re already looking into ways that we can expand our day camps for next year. The key variable to do so, of course, will be more underwriting funding. So with your support, we’ll keep working on that – and we’ll keep working to make this summer a memorable one for kids in our various outdoor recreation programs.

So, whether you decide to enjoy some garden fun, going for a bike ride, or even whipping up your very own homemade ice cream with the help of these best ice cream maker uk located reviews, the options are endless. What could be better than having a cone of ice cream after a long and tiring day in the sun? Our busiest summer ever is now in action – come exercise your abilities with us outdoors!


Ed Bronsdon
Executive Director