We are still not over this winter season and couldn’t be happier with all the amazing experiences we got to witness.

One inspiring story was from Rhys and his incredibly supportive family. Rhys came to ski with us for his first time ever this winter and had a private lesson with Program Coordinator Tisha Achorn. He and his family came all the way from Yakima to watch him ski and cheer him on.

“We are so glad we learned about Outdoors for All! Our 7 year old son is unable to walk independently, but he loves sports and adrenaline! When we found out that skiing was an option for him, we were thrilled and knew he would love to have the chance to hit the slopes. The people that worked with him for his lesson were great. I was nervous and they were extremely patient with me and explained how they would keep him safe. By the time we left we were already ready to come back.Without this program my son would probably never be able to experience a snow sport. We are so grateful to everyone who makes Outdoors for All a reality for people like my son!”-Erin Kline-Aleman (Rhys’ Mom)

The kind of love and support shown in this photo is exactly why these experiences are so important. Rhys had this smile on his face the entire lesson and his family was cheering him on every step of the way.

Way to go Rhys!