I’d like to tell you about a man I deeply respect, admire and love:

Ralph “RB” Brown.

At our annual Ski Ball Gala this past month we recognized RB Brown as the event’s honoree.  For the past 25 years, RB has volunteered his time year round to support our mission. He develops a personal rapport with others that is always helpful, friendly, humble to a fault, caring and empowering. RB is awesome!

RB was a board member of ours for 19 years – 19 years! He served as a leader then and he continues to serve as a leader now in the way that he gives of his time and talents as a Program volunteer. RB is also a longstanding donor.

RB shares the fun that he has with our participants and the various programs which we offer – and he celebrates those successes with others. As a recently retired Boeing Employee – he worked for Boeing for 52 years! – RB helped us for many years with our grant applications with the Employees Community Fund of Boeing.

Over the years we’ve received hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from the Employees Community Fund of Boeing because of the advocacy of Boeing employees  — and especially a recent Boeing retiree – RB Brown.

RB gives and gives – and then gives some more.

There seems to always be a smile on RB’s face when he’s volunteering in such roles as a Skihawks Racing Coach, as a Demo Day event volunteer and as a Learn to Ride Instructor. His enthusiasm carries over to everyone else, including members of his family. He even encouraged his grandson Jackson to volunteer with us — so it’s a family affair in the Brown family!

RB Brown is simply AWESOME! He is an ANGEL on this earth.  I can think of no one more deserving of recognition as our gala honoree.

I also bet RB would say something like “Well, Eddie, there are so many other volunteers that deserve recognition.” And, he’d be right – but there’s really only one RB Brown.


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