Walter Voll is a true Outdoors for All success story. After his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis  made stand skiing no longer possible, Walter found adaptive skiing with Outdoors for All. After taking lessons on a bi-ski, Walter progressed to a mono-ski and eventually was able to ski completely independently.

The transition from participant in lessons to independent skier is a journey we want for as many of our participants as possible. Walter exceeded this milestone and decided he wanted to do even more on the slopes! Walter has said that being able to keep skiing, a life-long passion of his, has opened doors and opportunities he didn’t know existed and he wanted to help share this with others.

Walter began volunteering in 2017 with our sit ski program at Stevens Pass to help others find joy, confidence, and excitement on the snow. As an independent skier, Walter possesses a perspective that is invaluable to help other adaptive skiers learning the sport. With Walter’s coaching as a volunteer, more individuals with disabilities are on their journey to independence.

“As a volunteer, Walter has been instrumental to the success of our Stevens Pass Sunday program. The insight and instruction that he provides sit skiers from his own progression from a participant to a volunteer is so valuable. I hope that through Walter’s example, he inspires other participants and volunteers to challenge themselves further, enriching our skiing programs for all. Walter is a shining example of Outdoors for All’s mission on the slopes.”

          – Alex Jones, Outdoors for All Program Manager