Outdoors for All and Cascade Bicycle Club partner in the “Let’s Go” program, designed to help our riders learn cycling skills and feel safe and confident on their bikes! Together we promote safe biking for students 3rd-5th grade in the Seattle Public School District. This is all possible thanks to help from Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle Public Schools, and Cascade Bicycle Club.

We have created the videos below to review and adapt the Cascade Bicycle Club video series.  These videos promote the three pillars of Safety, Learning, and Fun!  These resources are here not only for the participants, but for the parents as well.

Videos created by Alicia Lyons with the help of Alex Jones and McKenzie Click


Video #1:

Adapted Pedestrian Safety/Helmet Introduction: Lesson 1 Video 4 Let’s Go Curriculum

Video #2:

Adapted Getting Bike Ready!: Lesson 2 Video 3 Let’s Go Curriculum

Video #3:

Adapted Getting on Bikes!: Lesson 2 Video 4 Let’s Go Curriculum

Video #4:

Adapted Skills & Drills: Start, Steer, and Stop: Lesson 2 Video 5 Let’s Go Curriculum

Video #5:

Adapted Opportunities for Continued Riding: Lesson 2 Video 6 Let’s Go Curriculum



For more video lessons, feel free to visit Cascade Bicycle Club: