To sign-up for an in-person volunteer training, please refer to the specific volunteer opportunity dropdown menu on a particular volunteer opportunity page. These pages are located by hovering over the “VOLUNTEER” tab at the top of the website. 

Our biggest key to successful programs is our numerous volunteers. And the key to preparing and maintaining our volunteer base is the care we take in training our volunteers. Below is a list of current training materials, and useful documents we have made available online. Please feel free to download and use these for your reference. Please note, in most cases, volunteers must register for trainings in addition to volunteer roles.


Here is a list of virtual trainings. The Learning Management System (LMS) we use is Coassemble. Please refer to the “training” section of each volunteer posting to see what is required. Click the below links to access each training. If you have questions, email volunteer@outdoorsforall.org

Watch the video below to learn about Outdoors for All’s Learning Management System (LMS) called Coassemble. 

New Volunteer Orientation

Participant Protection Policies

Disability Awareness

Disability Awareness – Continued Education 

Summer Camp Training

Kayak Training

Rock Climbing Training