Remember Sofi and Tracey? We have been following their journey of cycling throughout the past couple years. They began cycling with Outdoors for All at our Adaptive Cycling Center.

When their journey first began, cycling was not something Sofi was interested in and it proved to be very challenging. Since then, she has become an independent cyclist and her and her Mom Tracey have been working to hit 1,000 miles.

Well we are happy to report…THEY DID IT! Last week, Sofi and her mom Tracey completed 1,000 miles of cumulative cycling on their tandem in just under six months. 1,000 MILES OF CYCLING!!!

“We started our first ride this year on March 19. (Yesterday, we drove and unloaded our tandem at Outdoors for All at Magnuson Park). I wanted to end our thousand mile journey where it started. So we got off the trail and did a loop around the park and hit 1,000 miles right as we returned into the parking lot”. – Tracey (Sofi’s Mom)

We are so proud of you both and congratulations on such a HUGE accomplishment. We are thrilled to be a part of your story and so happy that your journey came full circle and ended up right back here at Outdoors for All where it all began. Truly an inspiration- way to go!