At Outdoors for All’s Adaptive Cycling Center in Magnuson Park, individuals with disabilities can be fitted for and rent different types of adaptive cycles to try and ride around the park for an hour, a day, or rent a cycle for a week.

Sofi and her mom, Tracey, stopped into the Adaptive Cycling Center almost every week during the summer of 2018 trying out different tandem cycles.When Sofi and her mom first started to visit, Sofi didn’t want to pedal, but by the end of the summer Sofi and her mom pedaled over 400 miles!

At the end of the summer she was able to rank her favorite cycles.
“For tonight’s letterboard work, I had pictures of most of the bikes Sofi has ridden over the years and had her rate them, 0 to 10, with 10 being great. The Buddy Bike and the Weehoo got 6, JBT was 8, our tandem, the Rickcycle and the Duet were 9s and the Fire bike, Boda Boda and Madsen were 10s. Then she pointed to the JBT as her favorite. Then we did short math problems- 140 miles on our speedometer- 20 miles that grandpa put on it. And 58 rides at Outdoors for All average of 5 miles. Then 120 miles +290 miles for a total of 410 summer miles!”

– Tracey Ghassaei, Mother of Outdoors for All Participant, Sofi Ghassaei

Our Adaptive Cycling Center is now open 7 days a week from 10am-6pm starting May 1, 2019 through September 2019! Thanks to a collaboration effort with the Seattle Department of Transportation, adaptive cycle rentals in the park are no-cost!

Of course, Sofi and her mom made it to the Adaptive Cycling Center for opening day 2019!

“We weren’t about to miss opening day of picnic season!”