“Outdoors For All has done far more than just helping Agatha learn to ski,
it has given us the opportunity to experience things as a family that we
didn’t think possible. Outdoors For All has given Agatha the confidence to
know that disability does not mean inability.”

Samantha Holloway | Mother of Agatha, Outdoors for All Participant

Agatha has been trying to participate with Outdoors for All for three
years. Unfortunately, a series of major orthopedic and eye surgeries
have kept her from getting involved. Finally, Agatha was able to participate
with Outdoors for All this year!

The first week, Agatha needed multiple volunteers help just to stand
on her skis; a short month and a half later and with lots of determination;
she was completely independent! The skill and confidence that
the program has given Agatha has allowed the family to take their
first ever family ski trip this season.

She told her mom this New Year’s Eve, “This year, I am going to become
an athlete.”

The program has helped Agatha not only realize her goal and boosted
her self esteem it has also helped her physical recovery! The PT team
and doctors are amazed at how this has accelerated her physical
progress! People who are undergoing physical recovery after a serious operation and who experience bouts of intense pain, as a result, may want to consider methods of pain management. Many will order edibles online to help them get through it and cope. If people have issues with their self esteem or anxiety then this may also help in this matter too.

Way to go, Agatha! We look forward to more of Agatha’s athletic