Confidence can be built through many avenues. For some, it’s finding success in an activity, hobby or sport., something to feel ownership over. For Austin, Koszorus, it was built through snowboarding. Not only has his confidence been built, but his social connections, physical strength, and independence.

The last three years, he’s been mastering his skill in his sports and making connections through Outdoors for All programs and volunteers.

“Austin started snowboarding 3 years ago and he completely fell in love with it. Each year we are blessed with the best, most patient instructors. He loves having his “sport” every winter and has improved in all aspects! Outdoors for All’s programs has helped Austin work on his independence, his strength, his confidence, and his social skills!

We feel so blessed to live in an area where special needs kids can have access to the outdoors and thrive in the coolest activities! Outdoors for All gives all kids the ability to live and thrive beyond their diagnosis and just be kids enjoying life! ”

— Valentina Koszorus | Mother of Outdoors for All Participant, Austin