There is no better way to measure success than a skier who gains complete independence on the ski hill. That’s the success Serena was able to experience during her first year on skis with her Outdoors for All volunteer instructors!

“[Serena] started as a complete beginner, and was able to do four runs on Saturday by
herself just following Keith down the mountain!!! Keith, Dominic, Bee (and everyone else that directly or indirectly supported) did a fantastic job! I really appreciate the work that all three did. Keith is really a suburb coach, got Serena’s confidence, did a fantastic job taking care of her and teaching how to ski. Serena really loves skiing now and we will be back next year [with] Outdoors for All. Again, just a giant THANK YOU for making this a wonderful experience.”

– Mark and Sunny Stevens | Parents of Serena Stevens, Outdoors for All Participant