Even on a Washington rainy day, fun can be found in the outdoors. Ari and Bill have been paired as participant and volunteer for five years. On this particular day, heavy snowfall at The Summit at Snoqualmie caused traffic delays and parking challenges which delayed the arrival of Outdoors for All participants and pushed back the start of the day on the cross country trails, much to Ari’s dismay.

Phil, a long time volunteer with Outdoors for All, is the equipment manager for the
Nordic program on Saturdays.

“Tell Phil I need to ski longer! I didn’t ski enough today. I’m not happy if I don’t get to ski more.” 

– Ariana Charoni, Outdoors for All Participant

Bill, Ari’s instructor, rushed out of the Outdoors for All yurt at Summit East at the end
of the lunch break to catch Ari so they could do a couple more passes on the lower
trails. She just needed those last few runs on the snow!

So, Phil, consider the message passed: Ari needs to ski more!