Many of Outdoors for All’s success stories don’t just happen within our own programs. Outdoors for All partners with other entities including schools, hospitals, and rehab centers to help make adaptive and therapeutic bikes accessible to more children and adults with disabilities.

Matt, a student in Yakima Valley School District was able to finally have success riding a bike for the first time thanks to a partnership that brought Outdoors for All staff out of the Greater Seattle Area and over the mountains to the east side of the state.

“Thanks to all the wonderful people at Outdoors for All , my son Matt, was able to ride a bike for the first time in his life. Matt was born with multiple intellectual and physical disabilities so he has been unable to experience all the fun things that other people do and riding a bike was one of them. On May 24, 2017 he had his first bike ride. We arrived at the park and there were several bikes parked in the lot and my first thought was, Wow it looks like Christmas all those bright shinny bikes. It turned out to be Christmas for us. A gift from all the wonderful people at Outdoors for All. We had never met any of these wonderful, caring people and yet they were giving us a beautiful and special gift that we never thought possible. With help, Matt was able to sit on a bike for the first time. He even had to wear a helmet, which I thought was pretty cool. His feet were placed on the pedals and secured so he could feel the pedals move and maybe even help a little. He held on to the handle bars like a pro and grinned. He can’t speak but he looked at me and I was sure he was saying hey mom and sissy look at me, look what I can do! I’m not sure who was more excited Matt or his sister Yvette and mom. Yvette and I couldn’t stop crying happy tears. Some how I managed to take several photos. I sent them to everyone I know. I never thought Matt would have the experience of riding a bike. Every time I think about it or tell someone about Matt riding a bike I cry because it was so excuting. Matt laughed and giggled the whole time and mom and sister cried the whole time.

Thank you to all the wonderful and caring people that work on this project. Because of your caring and ingenuity you give experiences to so many that would never have been possible without your help.”

-Sharon Juza, Mother of Matt