“Thank you for the Out Doors For All experiences I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 30 plus days.  This was plausible with the help and guidance of your wonderful staff, volunteers and scholarship program.

As a 65+ disabled person that moved to Kings County November of 2016, your Kayak and rock climbing program replaced my doldrums winter and spring months.

I have attended many programs and I must let you know that your volunteers are exceptional.  Their camaraderie, kindness, ease and patience let me enjoy both programs.

Rock climbing and Kayaking for a disabled, aged person can be daunting.  However, from day one, I was at ease and engaged.  I kayaked 90 minutes on day one, plus learned and applied essential techniques which I incorporated at the follow-up sessions..  At my first rock climbing class I climbed a 40+ foot rock, twice.  Wow!  At my last session, session three, I scaled all but the final 1/5 of the highest challenge by applying  the techniques they taught me.  The staff and volunteers cheered me on, every inch of the way.  These feats are a testimony of a task well done by your volunteers and staff.”

– George Flores,  Outdoors for All Participant