It never ceases to amaze me how our mission matters to so many people who are engaged in our programs.

This winter I’ve had a chance to get out to many of our on-mountain programs at The Summit at Snoqualmie and at Stevens Pass. I still have more programs to visit (I know, tough duty!), but even so, what I’ve already seen and heard first-hand is wonderful.

Participants and Volunteers are having a whole lot of meaningful fun on the slopes with us!

I also know that what may start with a ski or snowboard lesson, can become so much more. It’s in those moments when we realize the transformational power of our programs.

I consider myself lucky to get to witness those experiences. And, I thought that I should share some of the quotes and images that I’ve heard and seen about our winter operations:

“I love this!”

“Thank you for a great day skiing. Sam is the happiest I have seen him in years. What a wonderful day!”

“I’m not sure how to do this (ski a monoski in deep snow), but it sure is fun figuring it out!”

“Thank you for a super fun, awesome day!”

“Yahoo!” (followed by ensuring laughter and a tumble into the powder)

 “He loves this! He absolutely LOVES this!”

Well, we love it, too!

See you on the snow!