Ashley Schreiber wasn’t intimidated to ski for the first time because she’s a girl who loves adventure! Her mom, Jo Anne, said, “If there’s ever a question of going faster or jumping higher, Ashley is all for it!” Not only is Ashley a new skier, but she’s also an equestrian vaulter! The ten-year-old daredevil is a wheelchair user who doesn’t let obstacles stand in her in way.

Ashley and Program Coordinator Brynn Baker had their first lesson with our private ski lesson program. While Ashley’s brother and sister were taking their first ski lesson on the magic carpet, Ashley was cruising Daisy using a bi-ski and having a great time.  Skiing wasn’t only meaningful for Ashley but for her parents as well:

A very important philosophy in our family life is that we share experiences together. This can sometimes lead to great challenges given the varied levels of abilities we have.  So to be able to all ski together as a family was incredible.  I don’t know the words that can express the joy Ashley felt coming down that hill.  You just have to look at her face  to see it. And as much as Ashley loved skiing, she also enjoyed spending time with Brynn.  What a lovely person she is to invest in our daughter. And we know it takes a team so thank you all so much for blessing our family so richly with an experience we could not have done on our own.”    

-Jo Anne, Ashley’s Mother


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