Outdoors for All Foundation’s Learn to Ride a Bike program is one of the new programs introduced in Fall 2015. It is also one of the more popular and successful programs with two sessions at two locations throughout the Spring.

Outdoors for All’s volunteer cycle instructors share their knowledge and use helpful tools to aid participants of all ages into becoming successful riders of a standard upright bicycle.

“Chloe had desperately wanted to learn how to ride a bike for the last 7 years.  All of her friends were able to do it and we had tried so hard to teach her with no success.  Enrolling Chloe in the Learn to Ride Program was our last big effort to see this through.  Chloe was very hesitant when we arrived for her first day of instruction and did not want to be with the other kids.  Her instructor Chris patiently broke everything down for her in a way that made her feel safe and confident.  After a mere hour and a half on that first day, Chloe was coasting down the hill with the biggest smile on her face.  By the second day she was pedaling!  I have never seen Chloe happier or more proud of herself than that moment when she first pedaled past me on her bike.  Chloe exited the program feeling completely confident and capable to continue riding and improving on her own.  We are thrilled to finally have an outdoor activity that we can do together as a family.

We are so grateful to Chris and for this amazing program that has made this possible!“

-Amy Schley , Mother of  Chloe Burton, Outdoors for All Participant

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