Dear Friends,

Twice a year, we conduct a quality assurance survey with Participants involved with Outdoors for All. We learned and affirmed some remarkable findings in our most recent survey from earlier this spring that your generous contributions as supporters and volunteers helped make possible.

Participants reported that as a result of being active with Outdoors for All, that:

  • 81% have improved social skills
  • 83% said they have made new friendships

Trent and Mike







Participant Trent Marshall and Volunteer Mike Byron have a terrific friendship. They not only laughed their way together through a very wet Spree day but earlier in the year Trent had Mike join him for a Seahawks game — the NFC Championship at Qwest Field!

  • 86% feel more independent

Jahzeel Kayaking







Participant and Wounded Warrior Jahzeel Sequeira first tried snowboarding with us, then learned to ride a regular bike through private coaching from our cycling program, and then signed up for kayaking – and helped us with paddling, too.

  • 87% are more satisfied with their leisure life
  • 89% have increased confidence
  • 90% feel more comfortable in participating in other leisure activities
  • 92% are more willing to try new things

Neville at Day Camp







Kids love Outdoors for All day camps. Pictured above (at right), Liam Neville first came to our camps with some trepidation. Now he cycles, hikes, paddles, socializes and helps younger kids have a great time too!

  • 97% say quality of life has been improved

WWP Yoga Retreat   Jacob Cycling






This last category with a 97% success rate is one that I’m particularly pleased to see because of its alignment with our mission: “To enrich the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities through outdoor recreation.”   To have 97% of your primary customers telling you that you’re achieving that mission, that’s good news!

It’s also good news that we’re not settling on those results. Together, we’re working to offer improved activities and more opportunities that have an impact in our community, that improve social skills, that foster friendships, support fitness and many more outcomes.

Our busiest summer ever is about to begin and we could not do it without your support– thank you!


Ed Bronsdon
Executive Director